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Home When it comes to my field of expertise I love the idea of Sales.   Interacting with others for the purpose of satisfying the client and increasing business is my favorite part of Marketing.

Marketing Basics

Sales and Marketing Management The sales and marketing management magazine brings readers daily updates and articles on related sales and marketing issues and news

Sales and Marketing Information Career information from the U.S. Department of Labor

Effective Marketing Tips Useful marketing tips to help you increase sales and profits 

Marketing Mistakes 10 common marketing mistakes to avoid

Marketing I.Q. Test your marketing knowledge by taking this quiz on various aspects of marketing, then get in depth answers from a marketing professional

Sales Basics

Selling Power Selling magazine specializing in tips and daily articles about sales management

Sales Resources  Articles, jobs and newsletters about sales comprise this professional selling website

First Time Selling provides testimonials by actual first time sellers

Unique Selling Point How to define your USP and actually how important is it to your marketing plan

Traits of Salespeople Offers the top ten characteristics of a successful salesperson

Do's and Don'ts for Careers in Sales Quintessential Careers offers advice for people who are seeking a career in sales

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Selling Tips & Advice

Top 10 Sales Tips Tips for sales success

Presentation Success Improve your presentation and reward yourself with increased sales with these presentation tips and skills

Closing a Sale Offers the best tips for closing the deal

Super Sale Secrets 25 secrets to sales starting with preparation and ending with guaranteed customer satisfaction


Basic Negotiating Tips Learn how to get your needs met while working to see the other person's  needs met

ABC's of Negotiation Forbes Magazine looks at the top "things you must know and go by" when negotiating

Customer Service

Stellar Customer Service The ten commandments of great customer service that will help your company grow in profits as well as customer loyalty and base

Customer Services Techniques Offers customer service tips and techniques to reinforce and grow your relationship

Customer Satisfaction Tips Numerous bits of advice to leave the customer satisfied and wanting to come back for more

Improving Customer Service Extensive analysis on what customer service is and how to improve the main focus areas of customer service

Specific Career Tips

Real Estate Marketing Advice Various articles compiled together to form a list of tools and resources for selling real estate

Hospitality Sales This article takes a look into hotel management and defines that relationship selling is key to success in the Hospitality Industry

Pharmaceutical Sales Advice from real pharmaceutical representatives on how to break into the pharmaceutical sales field

Retail Sales Challenges, tips, techniques and the keys to success within retail

Professional Marketing & Sales Associations

HSMAI The Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International offers insight into the hotel industry worldwide

American Marketing Association With over 38,000 members, the AMA provides information, knowledge and development through networking for all spectrums of the marketing profession including retail and sales

Society for Marketing Professionals The SMP aims to be an informational highway giving all sales and marketing professionals insight and news on services for construction and the natural environment

National Association for Selling Professionals The NASP is an organization of sales professionals who's ultimate goal is to become a Certified Professional Salesperson

Business Marketing Association The BMA provides the best business to business information and resources, attracts the best marketing professionals, and promotes the best practices in the industry