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For my advertising management class, along with my team, I created an extensive advertising plan for a self generated company and included sample advertisements.

Advertising Plan for Flav-O-Flav

My finance class allowed me to explore the world of the stock market.  Throughout the semester, I monitored Martha Stewart's company and delivered a report on my findings.

Martha Stewart Omnimedia, Inc.

As a requirement for my Global Economics class, I presented to my fellow students a discussion on Venezuela and its role and issues in our global economy.

Globalization in Venezuela

I have been working for Books A Million for exactly a year.  During my time there, I have formed some close relationships with my managers and showed my capabilities through my dependability, responsibility, and leadership.

Letter of Recommendation

Since June 2001, I have been working for respected attorney, Glenn Goodpasture.  And working there during my Summer, Thanksgiving, and Christmas breaks, I have been able to really grasp the field of real estate and I work as hard as I can to understand it even further.

Letter of Recommendation

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